priced in bitcoin

Art is not what you see,
but what you make others see.

Edgar Degas
Bitcoin it's like a “Digital Gold”
and a new kind of money
in our informational world.
Nowadays Bitcoin becoming more and more valuable in payment network, and his potential usage grows from day to day by the innovative and secure Blockchain technology that was invented by some guy or a group called yourself as Satoshi Nakamoto.

We believe that Blockchain is the natural future of Internet and it moves forward to positively change our life's in financial, transportation, energy, healthcare and even art spheres.
Currently, artists around the world are attracted to the big promises of Bitcoin in a way of social tipping and micropayments with supporters who appreciate the unique style in artworks.

And now, we are introducing the list of the most famous paintings that's was ever sold by the highest prices and exchanged to Bitcoin.
Just as a representation of how much artists can gain in appreciation of their work.

Enjoy ฿)